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While your public library district is funded through public support which keeps the doors open and provides for basic services, there remains much that can be done.
The Yuma Library Foundation needs your support to make our great library system even better.

Since its founding in 1997,

the Yuma Library Foundation has provided over 514,000.00 worth of essential equipment and materials not otherwise funded by taxpayer dollars to the Yuma County Library District.

2009 project

Book-A-Year proGRAM (Before 2004)

For every $500 donated to the Yuma Library Foundation, a book will be purchased every year forever, with the Yuma Library Foundation’s restricted funds. Donors can indicate what they want to have on the book plate and whether the books purchased should be a specific type of literature, such as mysteries or in a specific subject area, such as history or finance.

Yuma Library Arizona Room

Arizona Room (2009)

The Foundation’s gift allowed the Main Library to purchase items and subject specific books for the purpose of creating a quiet study space in the Arizona Room.

Story Book Wall (2009)

Children in the community drew pictures illustrating fairy tales and their favorite books. The drawings were made into tiles and placed in one of the walls of the children’s room of the Main Library. The project was inspired by a similar installation in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Library Book Bear

Booker Bear Book Return (2013)

This indoor book return is in the shape of the Library’s mascot, Booker Bear. It was designed to appeal to children.

Video Conferencing System (2013)

The video conferencing system allows participants at two or more locations to interact with one another over the internet. The Library District has 8 branches. The system saves both staff time and travel costs.


Moveable Shelving (2014)

The Foundation’s gift allowed the district to purchase moveable shelving for the Yuma County Historical Society’s archives in the basement of the Heritage Library. The shelving allows the archives to house a growing collection of documents in a limited space.

3-D Printer (2015 & 2017)

The 3-D printer allows student and adult library users to create objects and promotes the use of science and technology.


Tents (2017)

The tents purchased with the Foundation’s gift will be used at outdoor events both at the Library and in the community.

ADA Hearing Loop system (2018)

The Audio Frequency Induction Loop System (AFILS) allows people with hearing aids and those in need of hearing assistance access to a sound amplifier.

Storytime Backdrop Small

storytime backdrops (2019)

The Storytime Backdrops are double-sided and provide a customizable background for creative storytelling and other fun library events.

UV Robot Horizontal Small

UV Robot (2021)

The Ultra-Violet Robot is used to disinfect and sanitize the library. The robot eliminates 99.9% of pathogens; including the coronavirus, influenza, and the common cold.

The Library Foundation is a proud affiliate of the COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOR SOUTHERN ARIZONA.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona logo

We are proud to:

  • Build on our endowment to purchase special books, supplies and equipment.
  • Provide funding annually to enhance Yuma County Library’s programs.
  • Give community residents a vehicle for legacy planning and gifts to the Yuma Library Foundation to benefit Yuma County Library.