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Book-A-Year Program

The Book-A-Year Program gives people a way to honor friends and loved ones while helping to support your local public library.

How does the program work?

Every $500 donated to the Yuma Library Foundation is invested and income earned; the income is sent to the Yuma County Library District to purchase a book every year, forever. Each book purchased with your donation will have a gift plate stating the book was purchased in honor of, or in memory of, someone named by you.

What kind of books are purchased?

As a donor, you can choose the type of books you want the Yuma County Library District to purchase. The books can be about a specific subject or in a specific language. You can even decide to have the books purchased for a specific library branch.

Get Involved!

To get involved in the Book-A-Year Program, fill out the online form to the right and submit your payment via our online processing.

You may also fill out a PDF form and mail it with your check, payable to the Yuma Library Foundation; or contact us for other payment methods.